Welcome to Assemble Scaffolding Solutions

Labour Only is what we specialise in for clients in central London and surrounding areas. We have a large range of experience in supplying and erecting your jobs based on your dates and deadlines.

We have trained and competent scaffolders and supervisors that have vast knowledge of the industry. We go through regular training and focus our energy on being as safe as possible, working to all the SG4:15 regulations at all times.

Scaffolding is a serious business, we unsure that we will help you maintain a safe project from start to finish.

Operating in London, East Anglia and Cambridgeshire , Assemble Scaffold Solutions supplies and constructs scaffolding designed or erecting them to the TG20:13 guide lines, to the individual dimensions of your project. We also carry out all of the safety checks required when the scaffolds are up.